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Don't vi 

\ V W COl N'T \\\ D AN CES . 

Composed by W*P Harmony for N'JSS New Series of La Bell© Assemblee. 

The fjgurks by Mr Wilson. 

Bloomsbury Place 

SINGLE FIGURE (eaAjstrain 
The 1st Lady turns the 2<f Cm 
turns the s l4 Lady : lead down 
again- and half pous.V-M.*» l rf . 

DOUBLE FIGURE ( the tune played twee tho'with rep t« 

repeated ) 
ntleman the 1»J Gent: 
the middle up 

Swing with right hands ( round 
then with left *n set S , then set in 
hands 6 round 8Chack again V? ?C lea 

the 2d Couple 1 ) 
our pi aces 
d outsides t-J . 


.jMDMBj ,Jf £ 

mm h 


SINGLE FIGURE ( each strain repeated) 
Cast off two Couple and back again W cross 
over one Couple and half figure round .the- 
3d Couple , ' 

DOUBLE FIGURE (the tune played twice tho'witb rep** 
Whole figure at top *ri lead down the middle op 
again right and left W turn corners 'r* hands 4 
round at bottom and half poussette at top 


Minny "Wow's Fancy, ami l\i ; sgvs 


All eg-rp 

SINGLE FIGURE. ( the tune played St through ) 
Set and chang-e sides, set and hack ag-ain hi lead 
down the middle up ag-ain and right and left with 
top Couple i~( . f 

B OUTi EE FIGURE. ( each strain repeated ) 
Hay contrary sides >** hay on your own sides . t4-t 
lead down th' ^ Tnidf|/e up ag-ain set to the top Couple 

Pray he quiet . 

SINGLE FIGURE, (each strain repeated ) 
Hands across and hack again, lead down the 
middle up again , right and left Wand set eiintmn 
corners *rt* . ■ 

DOUBLE FIGURE, (the time played 4% ire thro ) 
Set8Chalf right 8C left, set and hack again i0 swing ^ itb 
right hai^ds ( round the 2d Cui)then with left the I ..rK 
whole fignr round the top Cu ?C the Gent: round bottom >rr - < •! 
t ontwry corners w lead thro'hottom 8Ctop i— '8C T ead outsiVfi s r